Locating people and personal property


Research in non-urgent situations

Our service for locating people is ready to assist families, authorities, charitable institutions and creditors who are trying to track down people with whom they have lost touch: parents or close family, inheritors, biological parents or siblings of adopted people, or even foreign nationals in Switzerland or elsewhere in the world.


There are no territorial limits to our investigations.

Thanks to the WAD (World Association of Detectives) and CII (Council of International Investigators), we have a vast network of investigators around the world.

The cost of the service depends on the information you have in your possession.
Naturally, a person can be found faster when we have more data than just their name, such as their date of birth, their place of residence or their place of work.
Depending on the missing people and the information you have, our service for finding and locating people offers you a flat-rate that covers all the research and costs.

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