Recomendaciones y testimonios

PhotoMatthias Vanoni. CEO at Biowatch (extending seed round!)
“Christian is simply the best private investigator you can find in Geneva and if I may one of the best in world. Period. I was working with him 2 years and know him for 5 years. We have some common friends in the private investigators community and we all agree that Christian is mastering his art.”
PhotoCaroline Behrens. Business Owner at Caroline Behrens
“I contacted Seeclop to do an investigation for me and the information they provided was very thorough, in depth, and produced in half the time I had expected. I would strongly recommend Seeclop for their professionalism,creativity, and attention to ethical codes. They did an excellent job for me and as a result I have worked with Christian for the past twenty years.”
PhotoDimitri Dondas. Human ressources Director-Xerox Hellas
“Ι have had the opportunity to work with of Seeclop SA for several times over the last years and I would like to confirm that they have completed all the tasks and inquiries which Ι have assigned them in a very professional way. The have fully understood our needs, they have handled every single case seriously and to our satisfaction. They have reacted promptly, respecting our values and reacting appropriately. They have proved to be flexible and adaptable in a very demanding and always changing environment. In brief they have exceeded my expectations and therefore I would highly recommend Seeclop SA!”
PhotoNicolas Giannakopoulos. Owner, Inside.CO SA
“The best private investigator in Geneva for sure.”
PhotoJoseph Aderet. Corporate’s Senior Adviser | Business Intelligence, Risks & Security Consulting
“Christian is a respected professional in his field of expertise, he has an outstanding reputation as a totally customer-committed businessman, working very long hours to satisfy the often very difficult projects of his clients, combining patience with the necessary emotional intelligence to deal with them effectively. He has managed cross-border cases in the field of private investigations, but also in field investigations. He has always been keen on keeping abreast of professional developments, training junior personnel and sharing his large professional experience with his peers.
Joseph Aderet”
PhotoLaurence Arthur. Foreign correspondent Australia/correspondante étrangère
“Christian représente l’idéal du PI (Private investigator) tel qu’on l’imagine avec le sourire en bonus. Lorsqu’un objectif est fixé, il l’atteindra.”
PhotoOlivier Blanchard. Directeur chez Intrinsec Sàrl
“Intrinsec Sécurité fait appel aux services de Christian SIDERIS depuis plus de vingt ans, ceci avec des résultats plus qu’excellents…”
PhotoAdeline Delarive. Head of Family Office
“Professionnalisme, c’est le premier adjectif qui me vient à l’esprit pour caractériser le travail de Monsieur Sideris.
Je recommande vivement la collaboration avec son entité et ce pour l’intégralité des services proposés.”
PhotoDelphine Bocion. Entrepreneur/Directrice
“For more than ten years we use the services of Seeclop, every mandate perfectly executed with all the confidence and the professionalisme which it is necessary to show in this kind of business. A reliable team on which we can count at any time.
Great job.”
PhotoSteven Keller II. Executive Protection Profesional
“Christian and I recently worked an assignment together in the GCC. It was a successful couple of days and most importantly resulted in client satisfaction. Working in tandem with this professional was an absolute pleasure and learning experience in trade craft and I look forward to working with him again.”
PhotoDaniel Pernet. Détective privé chez Seeclop SA
“Depuis 7 ans j’ai le plaisir de travailler avec Christian. Il est rigoureux parfois obtus mais toujours sincère, efficace et très correcte avec ses équipes. Un grand spécialiste à mes yeux. Après 30 ans au sein de la Police genevoise j’ai beaucoup appris avec lui.”

PhotoPierre-André Dumont. Founder chez VIPServices

“Nous avons toujours entretenu de cordiales relations de travail et Monsieur Sidéris s’est toujours révélé un partenaire fiable, efficace et discret. Professionnel reconnu dans sa branche particulièrement sensible et pointue. Disponible et à l’écoute de ses clients, je le recommande spécialement dans ce domaine extrêmement délicat de l’investigation et de la recherche.”

PhotoCedric Schaller. Direction chez

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PhotoFabrice Pasquier. MD, Head of Financial Institutions Sales for Switzerland
“Great security/investigative pro. Efficient human and high tech solutions to deal with various security issues. Do recommend Christian’s services!”
PhotoDavid Eline. Founder at D.F.H.E. ADVISORS
“Having used the services of CS Enquetes for different situations, I can only wish for Christian to become a benchmark of the Investigation world. His professional and human values make him a rare professional in this field and I know that Christian adaptability skills are endless.”
PhotoAlain Chouet. Expert IE & Détectives
“Depuis bientôt 10 ans, j’ai fait appel à Christian pour son excellent réseau et à ses compétences très pointues sur des problématiques d’investigations.
Sa rigueur est exemplaire.”
PhotoPhillip Hatzis.
Greek Detective Agency / Private Investigator
“I have worked with Christian several times in the past. He’s a real professional and a great person to work with.”
PhotoAlice T. Bouladon. Consultant in Business Intelligence
“Christian is sharp, creative and detail oriented. A do-er, he is also great at reporting results and adopting a pro-active approach to projects entrusted to him. Last but not least, he is networking minded and a pleasure to deal with.”

PhotoStéphane Benoit-Godet. Rédacteur en chef, Le Temps

“Amazing private investigator. And a decent and kind guy.”

PhotoAviram Azari. Owner, Aviram Hawk.
“I know Christian personally for several years and I really enjoy working with him and his company.
Christian is very good investigator for the intelligence business and very efficient! But above all he keeps his promise”

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