Established in 1996, the investigation company Seeclop SA has forged a solid reputation in both the professional and private fields, thanks to successfully completed investigations.

This success owes nothing to chance. As well as commanding an international network of investigators, we have at our disposal highly sophisticated equipment to effectively undertake assignments which could involve monitoring phone calls, microphone detection, computer surveillance and even the identification of individuals, vehicles, emails or phone numbers.

We can rise to any challenge, anywhere in the world.

Fields of investigation

An extremely broad term, strictly speaking an investigation may involve many different activities:

  • CV analysis
  • Financial investigation
  • Insurance investigation
  • Business intelligence investigation
  • Investigating robbery in the workplace
  • Uncovering infiltration
  • Investigating industrial espionage
  • Cases of corruption investigation
  • Identification of fraud and fraudsters
  • Cybercrime

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