Our company

Swiss Investigation Company
Private Detectives

Who are we?

A private detective agency based in Geneva, Seeclop SA has assembled a team of professional investigators, most of whom were trained and sworn law enforcement officers in the Geneva police force or in the intelligence services in Switzerland and abroad.

A group of experienced men and women, our investigators have a range of skills (languages, training) to respond to your most specific requirements.

Our private detective agency has held State Council of Geneva approval since 1996, we are also members of the Committee on taxation of intermediary agents for the trial court (General Court in the EU).

Our mission

Shadowing, criminal and civil investigations, evidence gathering, asset and background research, CV analysis, surveillance, as well as providing security and tracing missing persons, we deliver solutions to individuals and companies alike.

Our values

Established 15 years ago, Seeclop is well-known for its respect of the law and of its clients.

Furthermore, we operate with absolute discretion; it is an essential requirement in the field of private investigations and surveillance.

Our methods

In the era of globalization, human interaction has developed on different levels: locally, nationally and internationally. Consequently, during the course of an investigation our agents may be required to pursue an investigation anywhere. As a member of an international detective organization, Seeclop SA is in a position to ensure continuity of its services around the globe.

Armed with very advanced technological equipment, our agency can undertake any investigation relating to surveillance and detection.

Within the framework of a protection mission or a potentially dangerous assignment, we work with security agents who hold federal firearms licences (in Switzerland).

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