Since 1996, we are accredited by the State Council of Geneva.

Since 2010, we are appointed “experts” by the State Council in Geneva for the trial court (General Court in the EU). View document

We are members of:

cii_logo CII “Council International of Investigators”, headquarters in the United States.
cnsp_logo SNARP “Le Syndicat National des Agents de Recherches”, headquarters in Paris
ipa_logo IPA “International Police Association”, International headquarter
nais_logo NAIS “National Association of Investigative Specialists”, headquarters in the United States.
wad_logo WAD “World Association of Detectives”, headquarters in the United States.
conseil_logo DSPE Département de la sécurité, de la police et de l’environnement at the State Council in Geneva.
federpol_logo FEDERPOL “Federazione Italiana degli Istituti Privati per le Investigazioni”, headquarters in Italy.

Member of