Private investigator Geneva

Do you have any doubts about an employee, customer or partner?

Private investigators agency in Switzerland

Your spouse or ex doesn’t convince you about his or her official residence or celibacy?

Private investigators agency

Are you questioning the financial claims of a tenant, a welfare recipient or a bank client?

Private Investigators Geneva

Are you harbouring some doubts about a company, or a private person?

Were police investigations inconclusive, or do you consider they were conducted too lightly?

Do you suspect a possible fraud regarding some funds origins or a private person’s activity?

SEECLOP agency holds the Geneva Government certification since 1996, delivered by the Security Department.


Private investigator Geneva.

Judicial and legal sectors

You need proofs, a certified report or statement?

You harbour doubts over a client or a financial transaction?

Real estate sector

You harbour doubts over
a tenant?

the actual use of a property, or a sublet?


Are you having second thoughts about your spouse ?

Pension for a residence in Geneva where he/she no longer lives ?

With state of the art equipment at its disposal, Seeclop can bring about answers in various fields

Spinning mills

Shadowing and tailing

Administrative investigations

Spying equipment detection

Tracing people

International action zone

Partnerships and group and associations membership


Who are we

An experienced team

Seeclop brings together former Geneva Police members, former members of state intelligence service (DGSE), a fraud specialist as well as agents with a Masters in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences.

“Great security/investigative pro. Efficient human and high tech solutions to deal with various security issues. Do recommend Christian’s services!”

Fabrice Pasquier

MD, Head of Financial Institutions Sales for Switzerland

They also trust us

How we operate?

1st step

Identify the objective
Define and accept the mission

2nd step

Define the needed tools and equipment at the national and international level


3rd step

Setting up the appropriate action plan along with the appropriate number of agents, for as long as needed

4th step

Deliver a documented and dated report, supported by figures, pictures and evidence

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