Insurance and Banking

Risk is not an option


Avoiding litigation


You are presented with a very interesting banking or investment case. But questions may arise : how sure are you about the funds origins? Is this money clean or could you be dragged in a money laundering case? Your compliance department is trustful, but you feel you might need a second opinion? Your company is suspecting an insurance fraud regarding an accident or damage?

Foiling the liar

We can provide evidence that the Observed Person (OP) is breaking the social insurance rules and laws, if she/he is not affected by the handicap she/he is claiming to suffer or if she/he wrongly claimed compensationn for a damage. We can provided the timed and visual evidence that will support applying the sanctions laid out in the contracts.

gain in serenity

Fighting fraud


We step in ahead of a contract signing to validate funds origins or the identity of a foreign citizen. We can also intervene once the contract has already been signed to check the truthfulness of a statement.

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