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Do you harbour some doubts over the use of a property?


Feeling uneasy


You got some complaints over a property you have rented over? You suspect the use that is being made of it is not what was agreed on? You suspect a few companies are using your property, despite the fact that it cannot be sublet? You are coming across sanitary, safety and noise pollution issues with you tenants?

In such situations, a private investigator can help you gather the necessary evidence to take appropriate action.

we provide you with the evidence needed

We confirm or overturn the doubts you might have by setting up a surveillance system of the targeted property, provided that we have the mandate to enter the building as a temporary service provider. You will then receive a detailed brief at the end of the investigation, listing all the facts, actual occupiers and their true identity, the timings and frequency of all comings and goings. You will get the evidence needed to open a case and get it reviewed by the appropriate Court.

The investigation

A dedicated team


Upon launching an investigation, we determine all the human, material and technological means needed to ensure that the investigation will run smoothly. We can then provide you with a quote estimation or even already with an inclusive flat quote. If we have to investigate beyond Swiss borders, we can call on the services of our international network of private investigators.

Investigations, proofs, pictures, reports.

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