you are a

Private person

The trust is gone


You need to know


You are seriously doubting your partner. What he/she says is contadictory, his /her schedule is a bit blurry…and now you are doubting.
You’re already separated, he/she is asking for financial compensation or alimony, he/she wants you to pay for a residence where he/she no longer lives ?
You think your former partner might be planning to leave the country, and maybe with your children?

Discreet and efficient

A Switzerland -based team, another one thousand kilometres away if needed….We go through every single of your suspicion, in a discreet and efficient way. We check if your children indeed go to school, we verify the actual address of your former partner or spouse. This is followed by a documented report, supported by pictures. You will know everything you want to know without the targeted person ever suspecting it.


The right tools


Our shadowings are overseen by a former member of an observation squad. A sophisticated surveillance tool, it represents a crucial element of an investigation. It enables the gathering of information that would simply not be obtainable in a different way. Our investigators keep the client updated at all times, notably through detailed reports supported by pictures and videos.

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