There has been a lot of different scams hitting WhatsApp users over the past year, with recent attempts by fraudsters to extort money from users becoming even more convincing, according to a recent article published in the Dublins Q102.

WhatsApp users are being warned of a new scam emerging in recent days where mothers are being sent messages by fraudsters claiming to be  from their children.

The convincing trick starts off by sending a first message that says: “Hi Mum, my phone isn’t working, please can you phone and text me on this number.”

The scammers then go on to ask the unknowing parent to hand over bank details and make a payment for them. 

Consumer rights organisation WHICH? has issued a warning online about the scam. 

“If you receive a WhatsApp from an unknown number with someone claiming to be a family member, be very careful!” they wrote. 

WhatsApp users in Ireland and the UK have been sharing similar scam messages on Twitter that they have received in recent days on the app.

If you get a message from friends or a family member asking for money, give them a call on a number you trust and speak to them to confirm it really is them before you make a payment.

Source article: Dublins Q102/ The Sun Source picture: Shutterstock/Big Tuna Online

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