Adultery and Infidelity: the essential role of the private investigator

In the complex world of human relationships, delicate situations, such as adultery, can arise. When you are faced with suspicions of infidelity on the part of your partner, it becomes essential to have concrete evidence to determine the truth.

In this situation, you can turn to an experienced professional: the private investigator specialized in adultery.

Capable of conducting discreet and thorough investigations, this private detective in the field of private investigation provides clear answers and undeniable evidence to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s now look in more detail at how this investigator can provide you with solid and indispensable evidence while respecting the confidential and delicate nature of the situation.

Adultery and Infidelity: the essential role of the private investigator

In the event that you suspect your partner of adultery or infidelity, turning to a private investigator can be an effective solution to obtain concrete evidence. Indeed, private detectives are professionals specialized in the search for information and the collection of evidence to detect dubious behavior.

In the case of suspicion of adultery or infidelity, they mainly take care of:

  • Monitoring your spouse or partner himself/herself.
  • Tailgating, which involves discreetly following him/her.
  • Researching and analyzing elements or information that can prove infidelity: photos, videos, testimonials are among the most important tasks that a private investigator specialized in adultery is responsible for carrying out.

Why hire a private investigator in situations of adultery and infidelity in Switzerland?

Here are the main reasons why you might consider hiring a professional in private investigation to help you deal with this difficult situation.

For personal reasons

Your personal reasons for hiring a private investigator can go well beyond the mere legal framework. After all, the quest for truth is a fundamental human aspiration.

In the context of your romantic relationship, knowing the truth can be vital for your decision-making and emotional well-being. You may feel the need to confirm or deny your suspicions in order to move forward.

This is where a private investigator can step in. With their professionalism and discretion, they can provide you with the necessary information to face reality, make informed decisions, and ultimately regain some peace of mind.

For legal reasons

Swiss law provides another reason why you might need a private detective in cases of suspected adultery: obtaining protective measures for the marital union if you are married.

Even though the Swiss divorce law, which came into effect in 2000, abolished the notion of marital fault, proof of adultery can help you obtain these protective measures. They may be necessary if family obligations are not met or in case of a major disagreement. They are there to protect your marriage or one of its members.

The evidence gathered by a private detective can therefore help you organize the separation and implement these measures, especially regarding financial contributions, housing allocation, or child custody.

However, it is crucial to understand that evidence collected from adultery can never be used as valid and serious grounds within the framework of a divorce, in the eyes of Swiss courts.

Adultery and Infidelity: Investigation Methods to Prove Adultery

Here are some investigation techniques commonly used by the marital detective to gather evidence of infidelity:

  • Tailgating: This method involves discreetly monitoring and following the person suspected of infidelity in order to observe their movements and activities.
  • Locating Meeting Places: It is often useful to know the meeting places frequented by the unfaithful person. Private investigators can identify these locations through surveillance and analysis of schedules.
  • Searching for Irrefutable Evidence: Obtaining photographs, testimonials, or incriminating messages is crucial to prove adultery.
  • Examining Social Networks and Dating Sites.
  • Investigating Cohabitation: If the suspicion of infidelity concerns a long-term relationship, private detectives can check if the suspected person officially lives with their lover or mistress.

In this approach, the role of the private investigator is essential. Indeed, the detailed report they produce constitutes a solid basis to confirm adultery.

However, before deciding to hire a private detective for adultery, it is important to be aware of the consequences that such a step can lead to. In some cases, reconciliation may be preferable to searching for evidence of infidelity.

Rates of a Private Investigator in Switzerland: How Much to Prove Adultery and Infidelity?

If you suspect your spouse of adultery and infidelity, hiring a private investigator to investigate and gather evidence may be an option to consider. However, knowing the rates for these services in Switzerland is essential for setting a budget and making an informed decision.

The rates of private investigators in Switzerland, especially when they are hired for sensitive matters, depend on several key elements:

  1. Specialization: Detectives specializing in certain types of investigations, such as detecting infidelity, may charge higher rates.
  2. Experience and Skill: A professional with notable experience and specific skills can justify higher rates due to their ability to obtain reliable results while maintaining confidentiality and discretion.
  3. Nature of the Investigation: Complex and time-consuming investigations often require a greater investment, leading to an increase in costs. Rates can be calculated by the hour, by the day, or as a flat overall fee.
  4. Resources Used and Duration of Work: Costs can increase depending on the resources needed for the investigation and its duration. Travel, accommodation, or meal expenses, if necessary to carry out the investigation, may also be added to the total cost.

Estimation of Average Rates Charged by a Private Investigator for Adultery in Switzerland

  • Hourly Rate: This rate can vary depending on the private investigator and the complexity of the case, but it is important to note that at a minimum, the client should budget for CHF 100 per hour if choosing an hourly basis.
  • Daily Rate: Also variable, depending on the duration and specifics of the investigation.
  • Global Package: Determined on the basis of a complete investigation, this rate can be negotiated depending on your needs.

To save on fees, you can opt for a time-limited package or negotiate a global rate. Private investigators are generally willing to discuss rates with their clientele.

Working with a Private Investigator in Switzerland and Abroad

When you hire a private investigator for an adultery case, it’s important to know the specifics related to the geographical location in which you find yourself. Both in Switzerland and abroad, choosing a competent and experienced detective is crucial to successfully conducting your investigation.

Although the activity of a private investigator is not regulated in all the cantons of the confederation, it is in the following cantons:

  • Geneva
  • Neuchâtel
  • Ticino

Thus, a private investigator working in one of the above cantons must necessarily possess the required certifications to practice.

As for the canton of Geneva, you will find the official list of licensed private detectives in this article.

Make sure that the private investigator for adultery you wish to hire has the necessary qualifications and also has a good reputation.

In this regard, don’t forget to consult our guide on how to choose a good private detective, whether in Geneva or elsewhere.

You can also check if they are a member of an international and recognized association such as these:

It should be noted that membership in this type of association can be very useful, especially if your investigation requires inquiries abroad. Indeed, it can guarantee a certain level of professionalism and experience, while facilitating collaboration with other detectives internationally.


You now have a clearer idea of the importance of the private detective in adultery cases. Thanks to their discretion, professionalism, and experience, this marital investigator can help you obtain the necessary evidence to confirm or deny your suspicions.

Also, as a client, it’s crucial for you to maintain a trusting relationship with this investigative professional. Transparent and honest communication of your expectations and needs will allow them to understand your situation well and conduct the investigation in an effective and ethical manner.

When choosing the right detective, don’t hesitate to compare rates and reviews from previous clients. Also, consider the detective’s reputation and expertise in the field of adultery. Lastly, ensure that the detective complies with the laws and ethics of the profession.

If you are faced with the painful suspicion of infidelity on the part of your partner, don’t hesitate to reach out to Seeclop. Our agency, based in Geneva, offers professional and discreet investigative services, operating not only throughout Switzerland but also abroad.

Know that our team of experts is capable of helping you overcome this ordeal. Our goal is to provide you with clear and factual answers to assist you in making the most important decisions for your future.


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